About Ainee Suhaidi Ent.

The Label

Ainee Suhaidi was founded in 2009 and subsequently established in 2015. Founded in one of the most culturally rich nations in the world, Malaysia, Ainee Suhaidi aspires to breathe home’s tradition of beauty into modern fashion and a new lease of modernity into tradition. Immeasurable versatility, accessibility, elegance with a dash of tradition, on and off the runway are Ainee Suhaidi’s tenets of design.

An Insight

Ainee Suhaidi perceives fashion more than just inspiration, mere flurry of colours, waltz of textures and textiles, or sartorial symphonies. Fashion is her life’s calling. Hailing from one of the most culturally rich Nations in the world, Malaysia, she has experienced beauty from a multitude of facets, tenets, traditions and points of view.

Ainee Suhaidi initially established the brand as a hobby and later found her hobby transcended into a calling. She then moved to London more than half a decade ago and has since attained a BA(hons) in Accounting and Finance. She also interned at the internationally and critically acclaimed UK shoe designer, Aruna Seth where she later was given the role of a Social Media Manager and personally handled private clients (Asian region) for Aruna Seth for two years. This immersion into the fashion industry is what moved Ainee Suhaidi to bring her brand beyond Malaysian borders and share her home’s beauty secrets with the modern fashion world.